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Giuseppe Palmas (1918-77) was one of the greatest photo journalists of the post-war era. Born in Cesena, he began his career in 1946 in Milan as a reporter and special correspondent. After abandoning the pen for the camera, in 1953 he moved to Rome where he immortalized all the celebrities who frequented the street Via Veneto and surroundings. In the summertime he divided his time between Versila and the Riviera of Romagna, where he documented the beginning of Italy's postwar economic boom. He chose to end his career in his native region Romagna. His collection of around 80,000 photos (over 4,500 subjects) covers 30 years of Italian history. The Giuseppe Palmas Photographic Archive is now available to companies, newspapers, magazines, publishers, collectors and private persons.



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Dalida, Rome 1959 - Click here to see the complete reportage




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